Our Capabilities

Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & industrial

M B & C I has been a key contractor involved in system System Integrity Operations, Procurements and Construction of turnkey projects related to the following;

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

M B & C I places emphasis on internally improving the physical and social environments in which employees operate in. We constantly perform risk management Analysis to identify the dangers employees can encounter in the workplace. Preventing these problems are highly beneficial
and results have shown that a safe and hygienic environment has led to higher productivity. Our standards, procedure and policies are implemented to ensure employee safety and health is an action taken proactively and controlled by Top management.

In QHSE (quality, health, safety and environment),
M B & C I continues to be one of the leading performers within our industry sectors.

M B & C I is striving to continually improve the performance in QHSE management system and continually improving our quality, health, safety and environment performance is one of our key strategic objectives. Our QHSE objectives are given equal value with other business objectives and being monitored by top management.

The quality of everything we make and do brings value to our customers and justifies their decision to do business with us. The protection of human health, personal safety and environmental rank at the highest level of importance to M B & C I . We operate in a diligent and responsible manner consistent with other worldclass corporations and aligned with our stated QHSE business goals and policy.

M B & C I empowers and supports our associates in their ongoing efforts to prevent accidents of all kinds and to promote a safe environment wherever they go. We use a comprehensive management systems to demonstrate our commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and the protection of our Environment and
to the principles of our QHSE Policy, bringing value to our associates, customers and the community. Responsibility for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment rests at the top management level and is transferred to down the line for implementation. Everyone in our organization is accountable for QHSE performance in their respective area. M B & C I embarked upon a number of behavioral safety initiatives to complement our procedures and to seek to ensure that everyone engages fully in HSE Matters.